>ITFPC 2017 abstracts submission and presentation

Scientific program is available here

 Presenter guide

> Oral presentations

  • Plenary presentations last 45 minutes including 5 minutes of questions.
  • Keynote presentations last 30 minutes including 5 minutes of questions.
  • Regular presentations last 20 minutes including 5 minutes of questions.

Powerpoint presentations must be uploaded on the computer before the begining of the session (During coffee breaks, lunchs or the day before for the morning sessions). Presentations will be deleted by the end of the colloquium and no presentation will be given to people without the agreement of the presenter.

For special requests, presenters have to contact one of the Chairs of their sessions (soon available on the detailed programme).

> Poster presentations

Displayed all the Wednesday.

Each Presenter must be present next to its poster during the poster session on Wednesday 25 October 14:00-16:00.

The number of each poster will be indicated on each grid. Presenters can have more information about their poster location, poster number... at the Welcome desk.

Panel size: L1m x H2m

Only the clips are allowed to hang posters on the grids (no tape, no glue or patafix ...).
Each presenter have to come with its own clips.





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